If you are reading this, you fall into one of two categories: You are either a big fan of mixtapes or you have never heard of them. To be sure, there is also a very small group of people who know what mixtapes are, but they are content with just making fun of those who make them.

We are here to tell you that there is no shame, no shame whatsoever in making mixtapes for enjoyment. In fact, if you are planning a road trip this summer, nothing beats a great mixtape to get you and your family through the long drive.

As far as creating a mixtape, veterans of the hobby have a formula for their success. Yes, there is a formula to create a successful mixtape, you can’t just willy-nilly your way through the process and expect to wind up with something good. Heck, if you wind up with a mediocre mixtape, you might as well just listen to the radio.

So if you are a mixtape virgin, you can find out all about how to make a mixtape right here. Clear Vision Auto Glass, your windshield replacement service in New Jersey, offers tips on creating a mixtape masterpiece.

Less is Sometimes More

Be picky and very selective when choosing the songs you want on your mixtape. While you might be a huge fan of a particular band, keep in mind that they have a few songs that just aren’t good enough for a mixtape.

Take, for example, The Rolling Stones. The Stones, who, by the way, are currently on a tour of the states, have an extensive list of songs in their portfolio. Which is to be expected as they have been cutting albums since before Moses encountered the burning bush.

While it is perfectly acceptable to include Paint It Black and Brown Sugar on your mixtape, you might want to avoid Emotional Rescue, which just happens to be a song they avoid playing live. And while hits like Angie and Satisfaction are great, they already get too much radio play and should be omitted from your mixtape.

Plotting and Scheming

One of the first things you need to do when creating a mixtape is to determine the purpose of the mixtape. For example, you might create a mixtape for a road trip or a romantic evening with a loved one. The two mixtapes will be very different. And we doubt you will showcase Barry White on your road trip mixtape.

It is important that you mix the proper music for the occasion. Just as you would never think about playing punk rock at a Christmas celebration gathering, you sure wouldn’t have Ed Sheeran on a road trip mixtape. In fact, you should never have Ed Sheeran on any mixtape.

You should also avoid extreme bands in their respective musical genres. While it is perfectly fine to create a mixtape with death metal music, you should probably avoid any songs by Cannibal Corpse. Keep it light with songs from Napalm Death, Carcass and Obituary.

Tempo and Length

Some serious thought needs to go into the length and tempo of your mixtape. If you are creating a mixtape for a party, you will want to keep the music light and upbeat. So Slayer is probably not appropriate.

If you are making a mixtape for a road trip, you will want to avoid songs that could make you sleepy. So forget about any songs by Air Supply, Taylor Swift or Kenny Rodgers.

It is also a good idea to avoid songs that play too long as they may become a distraction while you are driving. Stairway to Heaven is definitely out of the question. Bohemian Rhapsody is fine if everybody is singing along with it.

A romantic mixtape should be long as you don’t want to have to stop in the middle of your date to swap out tapes.


When making a mixtape, you don’t want to drag people around too much by your song selection. That is, stick to songs and artists who are known by the general public. Sure, there are a ton of obscure artists and bands with great songs, but you don’t want people scratching their heads wondering who they are listening to.

Also, avoid having songs from a wide range of genres on one mixtape. If the first song on your mixtape is a Led Zepplin song, follow that up with a song by Whitesnake or Black Sabbath, the audience will expect that. Following a Zep song with a Cannibal Corpse tune could cause a seizure if you are not expecting it.


You definitely need to add some artwork on your mixtape. It is not necessary to create a masterpiece with watercolors, but at least scribble something cool on it. You should put some effort into this as if your mixtape doesn’t impress people, perhaps your artwork will.

And before you and your mixtape head out on that road trip, stop by Clear Vision Auto Glass and have your windshield inspected for damage.