It is all too easy to get a little slack about car security these days. After all, manufacturers have developed many clever ways of keeping cars secure over the years. If you have never had a vehicle broken into or stolen, you may have an “it won’t happen to me” attitude.

Even if your vehicle has the latest and greatest anti-theft devices, there is still a chance that someone can break into it. And you might be surprised to know that a seasoned thief can break into your vehicle with ease.

Clear Vision Auto Glass, your windshield replacement service in New Jersey, offers tips for keeping your vehicle safe and secure.

Keep Moving

If you are at a shopping mall and come out to your car to drop some things off, move the vehicle to a different parking space.

You see, there are thieves out there who are on the lookout for people who drop things off in the car and head back into the mall. By moving your car to a different parking spot, you avoid advertising your routine.

Hide Your Car Keys Wisely

The only way some of the most advanced and expensive cars can be stolen is if someone somehow manages to get the keys. Don’t leave the keys to your car laying out it the open for the taking.

If a thief were to break into your home, it is pretty obvious that the Lamborghini keys go to the Lamborghini that is parked in the garage. It makes perfect sense to hide the keys to the Lamborghini.

Utilize Your Garage

If you have a garage, but can’t fit the car in it because it is full of other stuff, you might want to reconsider that position. Sure, a garage is a nice place to store your Christmas decorations, old books and boxes of clothes that you no longer wear, but it should be serving a higher purpose.

Your garage would serve you better if you would use it to shelter and protect your vehicle. Obviously, a vehicle locked away in your garage is a lot safer than a vehicle parked in your driveway or street.

Don’t Hide the Spare Key

How many movies have you seen that had a scene in which a character hopped into a car that didn’t belong to them and proceeded to search for the spare key? The first place they check is under the sun visor.

Even if you think you have found the perfect hiding place for the spare key, we guarantee there is a thief who would find it in a matter of minutes. Anywhere you can think to hide a key has already been thought about by others.

Hide Your Valuables

Even if your car is all locked up, you should never have anything of value out in the open for everybody to see. It will be in your best interest to hide packages, smartphones, bags and portable GPS devices in glove boxes or in trunks when you are away for your vehicle.

Park Smart

Parking smart goes a long way in keeping your vehicle safe and secure. Try to park as close to the building in which you are entering as you can. If it is dark outside, park under a streetlight if at all possible.

Lock Your Car

We shouldn’t have to add this to the list, but too many people will leave their vehicle unlocked while they run into the store for “just a minute.”

Well, a minute is all it takes for somebody to open your door and grab your stuff or steal your car.

If you have a cracked windshield, call Clear Vision Auto Glass today.