Have you been feeling overly-tired, over-worked and totally stressed out about life in general lately? It could be you have hit a speed bump in your love life or things at work haven’t been going all that well. Things are getting so bad that you are on the brink of actually paying your mother a visit for some comfort.

Before you do anything rash like visiting your mother, stop and consider other options. For example, you could take a day or two off work, but you will likely just mope about the house feeling sorry for yourself. What you need is to head out to some random destination and forget about your problems for a few days or a week. What you need to do is take a road trip.

Clear Vision Auto Glass, your windshield repair service in Delaware, offers these reasons why you should drop everything and go on a road trip.


Everybody knows that music is a great reason to take a road trip. You will spend countless hours in your vehicle listening to a variety of music. A road trip gives you plenty of time to listen to new artists as well as time to jam out to the classic tunes you still dig so much. It also gives you the opportunity to scream out questionable lyrics to all of your favorite songs. You might not know the right words and you are definitely out of tune, but you don’t care because nobody else can hear you as you speed down the highway.


Driving across the country gives you the opportunity to see a host of tourist destinations as well as numerous quaint little towns with cute shops and interesting cultures.


Driving through different cities means trying different food. You can sample from fast food joints not established in your city or local restaurants that serve cuisine you won’t find in the strip mall down the street from where you live.

You Become a True Explorer

It is only when you take to the open road can you truly call yourself an explorer. On your journey, you will refuse directions, discover hidden diners, shop shady garage sales and climb forbidden dirt hills. It is all a part of your adventure.

Sunrises and Sunsets

Only on the open road will you unwittingly observe sunrises and sunsets in all of their awe and beauty. Watching the sunrise over the open road or setting behind a mountain range is something you just never really see from your back porch or morning commute. It is a spiritual experience without the Gospel music.

Flying Causes Anxiety

A lot of people hate flying, their anxiety levels spike and their blood pressure goes through the roof. And even if you don’t mind flying, the experience of having to go through security, wait for a delayed flight and the general dysfunction of an airport will definitely leave a bad taste in your mouth.

Driving in a car might not be a safer bet, but you will have peace of mind as you are cruising down the highway.

It Allows You to Disconnect

We are way too engrossed in the virtual world. It seems like most of us can’t go five minutes without checking your smartphone to read an email, post an update on Facebook or read your Twitter feed for political news. The open road has spotty cell phone coverage and it most certainly isn’t the place to check your Instagram feed.

Before heading out of your road trip, make sure your vehicle is properly serviced so you lessen the chance of a breakdown. Call Clear Vision Auto Glass and have your windshield checked as well.