1. Windshield Repair in New Jersey and Packing An Emergency Kit

    Many of you probably pack the trunk of your car with a few items that will be of use should your car break down or get stuck in the winter. You probably take along a bag of sand, a small shovel and perhaps a blanket in case something happens. Then come spring, you clean out your trunk and the items …Read More

  2. Windshield Repair in Delaware and Spring Activities

    It's spring. If you haven't been enjoying the beautiful signs of spring outdoors, it might be because you can't see very well out of your cracked and chipped windshield. You have been meaning to get your windshield repaired, it's just that you always get caught up with stuff at work or other distrac…Read More

  3. Your Windshield Replacement Service in Delaware Offer This List of Really Bad Cars

    Like most people, we appreciate the finer things in life. We like good food, fancy electronics and a sharp ride. Like anybody else, we would rather drive a spiffy, reliable car than one that breaks down and causes people to do a double take when it's driven down the road. In other words, we would ne…Read More