1. Windshield Repair in New Jersey and Being A Better Driver

    Since it is the first week of January, a fresh new year, no doubt that resolutions are on everybody's mind. Resolutions are on your mind because it has been three days since you had a Snickers bar or any other sugary treat for that matter. Eating healthy was one of your resolutions, so you have been…Read More

  2. Windshield Repair in New Jersey and Buying a Car in December

    Along with candy canes, sparkling trees and A Christmas Story marathons, the holiday season brings a glut of advertisements from your dealerships about the great deals you can get on sedans, trucks and SUVs. Here is the deal; a lot of these advertisements are the real deal and not just fast talk to …Read More

  3. Windshield Repair in New Jersey and You Are What You Drive

    There are many ways in which you can convey to the public in general the type of person you are. You do this by wearing certain clothes and jewelry, the way you pop your collar up, in the tattoos you sport and in the way you walk. You also send a message about yourself by the type of vehicle you dri…Read More

  4. Windshield Repair in New Jersey and the Reasons Your Dog Sticks His Head Out the Window

    Without a doubt, you have either had a dog who loved sticking his head out the window when you drove or have seen dogs with their heads out the car window while driving around. Because of this, we must conclude that dogs love hanging their heads out the car window. Anytime you have seen Fido with hi…Read More