You might be quite happy with your 2015 Hyundai Elantra. After all, it gets decent mileage, it looks better than you mom’s Buick Skylark and it is reliable and dependable. Besides, you recently paid it off and you really are enjoying the extra spending money each month.

For the most part, you are happy with your car, but every once in a while, you wonder what it would be like to upgrade the stereo.

You don’t need anything too expensive and fancy, but a solid upgrade from your stock stereo. You know, something that will pump out some serious bass and something you can be proud to crank Blue Oyster Cult.

Of course, before you even consider making such a purpose, you are going to have to be convinced it is the right move. And forget about asking your mom for her opinion, she would never tell you it’s perfectly fine to upgrade your car stereo.

But we get it. Which is why we think you should upgrade your stock stereo. Clear Vision Auto Glass, your auto glass service in New Jersey, offers the reason to upgrade your car stereo.

Summer Driving

Summer is here and you will be spending more time than usual on the road. Whether you plan on taking a long road trip this year or plan on several shorter trips, you will be behind the wheel of your Elantra a lot more than you are in the winter months.

You deserve a better quality stereo if you will be spending that much time behind the wheel.

Also, your windows will be rolled down more often in the summer, and you can’t have garbled music playing for the people in other cars. You want a stereo that produces a clean and crisp sound so that everyone in a 30-yard radius can hear it when you crank up Van Halen.


According to AAA, distracted driving accounts for more than half a million traffic injuries each year. A new stereo will help keep you focused on the road. Well, if the stereo you buy features a backup camera and Apple Carplay.

Advanced Features

With the current digital lifestyle, you need to upgrade your stereo to the latest trends. Modern car stereos can be easily integrated with the latest mobile phones and tablets. Basically, you can play audio in your car from almost any device you own.

If you want a stereo that supports the latest apps and operating system, you need an upgrade.

Custom Sound

Most of the latest car stereos come with customization options that enable you to create as many sound profiles as you wish. SO you can have a setting that brings out the best in your Black Sabbath mix and other settings that works great with your collection of Cannibal Corpse songs. The sound is so rich that you almost feel like you are at a show, minus the slam pit of course.

You should also have your windshield inspected by Clear Vision Auto Glass, contact us today.