Some people will try to hang onto their car for as long as possible, and that is quite admirable. Studies show that people who don’t have car payments are better off financially. We are willing to bet you know somebody who is still driving around in their 1977 Ford Pinto.

However, at some point, even the best-made cars wear out and it becomes impractical to keep them. Common sense will kick in and it becomes crystal clear that you need to buy a new car. Unfortunately, sometimes common sense doesn’t kick in and people need to be told to buy a new car. Clear Vision Auto Glass, your auto glass service in New Jersey, offers signs it is time to junk your car and buy a new one.

You Suffer Embarrassing Episodes

That moment when you realize you are driving a car that looks as bad as Billy Ray Cyrus’ hair circa 1994. It all happens so fast. You go from thinking your car looks like a classic to realizing it looks like trash and you are the fool driving it.

When visiting your parents, your mom insists you park your car a block away.

Your teenage son has had his driver’s license for two years and has never asked you to borrow the car.

You Have an Environmental Epiphany

Al Gore knocks on your door and begs you to get rid of your car.

You are informed by the EPA that your car is responsible for the deaths of six polar bears.

The black plume of smoke delivered by your car’s exhaust can be spotted from space.

The number of Earth-harming chemicals your car spews is a sign that you need a new car.

Your Car Has More Breakdowns Than Your Two-Year-Old Has Tantrums

If you are driving your old beater because you are too cheap to buy a new car, we have some bad news for you. If you start adding up the money you pay to keep your old car running and on the road, you might discover it would be cheaper to just buy a new one. The older your car gets and the more mileage you put on it, the more repairs you will need and the more expensive they will get.

Your Car Was Blue When You Bought It

Your car was a nice shade of blue when you bought it, but now it is sort of brown. It’s not that you had it painted, it’s the fact that rust has taken over the metal.

You Never Lock It Up

You stopped locking your car up a few years back because you know that nobody would steal it.

Duct Tape is a Part of Your Maintenance Schedule

If duct tape is holding your windshield in, maintaining the integrity of your trunk and keeping the front bumper from falling off, perhaps it’s time you shop for a new car.

And should a stray pebble ping the windshield of your new car, call Clear Vision Auto Glass and we’ll take care of it.