Sometimes you wish you didn’t have to drive around town in your Hyundai Elantra. It’s a good car to be sure, it gets great gas mileage, has a stellar safety record and is quite dependable, but it really doesn’t reflect your personality. In fact, it is quite the opposite of your personality.

You sit at red lights dreaming about being behind the wheel of something exciting, something cool, something that is not an Elantra. You picture yourself in a smart-looking SUV or a snazzy luxury vehicle or maybe even in a pickup truck. A pickup truck with fancy wheels and a chrome grill.

But then reality strikes and you realize that it is all just wishful thinking. Unless you win the lottery or rob a bank, you just don’t have the money for such a nice ride. With the bills you have to pay, it could take years to save up for your dream vehicle.

We have good news for you. Clear Vision Auto Glass in New Jersey offers ways to save up for your dream vehicle.

Spend Less

The most important thing you need to do in finding ways to save up for your dream car is to cut expenses. Any little extras that you splurge on needs to go. This means no more going to the movies or hitting Starbucks for a coffee three times a day. Cut your spending to a bare minimum and save every last cent if you want to drive something other than your Elantra.

Stash Your Cash In A Secret Place

Gather the cash you have saved and stick it in a special place like a cook vase or decorated box. Putting money in your special place makes it feel more rewarding and it will be easier not to spend it if it is not in your bank account.

Work More

Take up an odd job or two, anything that will make you extra money will do. You can mow lawns in the summer and shovel snow in the winter, whatever it takes to bring home the bacon.

Skim Your Budget

If you normally spend $150 on groceries a week, cut that down to $125 a week. You can also eliminate your clothing budget and stop buying shoes.

If you have a big cable bill, nix Comcast in favor of Netflix or Hulu, this will save you a lot of money.

Keep Your Eye On The Prize

If you have to, tape a picture of your dream vehicle to the wall in your bedroom. You can also write sweet poems about your dream vehicle. Do whatever it takes to help remind you about your goal. When you close your eyes at night in bed, think about how it will feel when you slip the keys in the ignition of your dream car and the sound it will make when you crank the engine.

Saving up for a new vehicle is a huge commitment. Start saving now and you will be in the driver’s seat of your dream vehicle before you know it. And don’t forget to call Clear Vision Auto Glass if you are in need of chip repair.