Auto Glass in New Jersey and You are What You Drive

Forget about what you eat, you are what you drive. People think of their vehicles as extensions of themselves and their personalities, which is why you see middle-aged balding men driving convertible Porsches. Unfortunately, what you think you look like in a certain type of vehicle and how you are perceived by others are two totally different viewpoints.

Whereas anybody over the age of 45 will think a convertible Porsche makes them look younger and more in style with the times, the reality is these type of people are perceived as old men desperately grasping at anything that will remind them of a time when they were cool and had hair.

Psychologists believe that when people shop for cars, they take three things into consideration: Who you think you are, who you want to be and how you want others to see you. Basically, you are looking for a ride that fits the three dimensions of your self-concept. Clear Vision Auto Glass, your auto glass service in New Jersey, reveals what your car says about you.


It isn’t the gas mileage, storage space or safety that makes the minivan the ultimate family vehicle, rather it is the sheer number of kids you can haul around in one. If you drive a minivan, you are telling the world that your kids are more important than what you drive. Obviously, because, well, you are driving a minivan, hardly the vehicle choice for someone trying to show off.

Pickup Truck

It is a myth that people who are confident and self-assured drive the biggest and flashiest, attention-seeking vehicles. In fact, just the opposite is true.

A banged-up and dirty pickup truck is a truck that is being used for utilitarian purposes. A shiny, jacked-up, chromed-out and obnoxious-looking pickup truck with ridiculously large wheels is driven by someone who lacks self-confidence and is trying to make up for it. The bigger the truck, the lower the confidence.


SUV owners are basically the same as minivan owners, expect they have sense enough to buy an SUV instead of a minivan.


Whether you drive a Cadillac, Lexus or some other luxury car, you are a status seeker. Look, you could buy a $50 watch and it tells time in the same manner as a $15,000 Rolex. But the concept is the same, you want people to know you have the money to buy a Rolex. It’s not about the goods at all, it is all about how you want to be perceived by others: Rich.

Hyundai Elantra

People who drive Elantras are practical, because they have chosen a vehicle with a great warranty and excellent safety record. They are also comfortable in their skin because they don’t care that others might scorn them for driving a Hyundai Elantra. The owners of these cars are laid back and real, they aren’t status seekers trying to display wealth or trying to cover up for any lack of confidence they might have. In fact, it takes a lot of confidence to roll around town in an Elantra.

And you can bet that when the windshield on their car is damaged, they will head right to Clear Vision Auto Glass for repair. Contact us today.