The car world is as big as ever and with it comes all different types of car people. The car world is a glorious mixture of people with different backgrounds who drive different genres of vehicles. For example, most of you are quite familiar with pickup truck guy.

A man’s vehicle is more than just a mode of transportation, it is a status symbol and an extension of his personality. As such, different personalities tend to gravitate towards certain vehicles that can sum up who they are in just one look.

Clear Vision Auto Glass, your auto glass service in New Jersey, offers this list of the types of car guys you will encounter.

Muscle Car Guy

Muscle car guy is quite difficult to pin down because they are such a varied bunch. But the one thing that ties them together is their love for big block engines, wide tires and chrome.

They are difficult to spot through the smoke their cars spew when burning out.

Exotic Car Guy

Exotic car guy is the epitome of a man who screams “look at me!”

Exotic car guy is only interested in vehicles that are rarely seen on the road, like convertible Ferraris and Lamborghinis. He doesn’t care that his car serves no purpose in an urban setting and is so impractical. All he cares about is that he basically drives a status symbol that goes nicely with his Armani shirt and Chopard sunglasses.

Mechanic Guy

This type of car guy is just as happy holding a wrench as he is holding a steering wheel. In fact, there are times when he would rather be under his car than in it.

Mechanic guy is forever under the hood of his car tinkering with things. Though there is never really anything wrong with his car, he spends most of his time improving performance or tweaking things.

You can spot mechanic by the grease stains on his hands and the toolbox on the passenger seat.

Skilled Driver Guy

For the skilled driver guy, the make and model of his vehicle are not important as long as it has a stick shift. You see, skilled driver guy drives his vehicle like a concert violinist masterfully strikes his instrument.

You can usually spot skilled driver guy drifting down the road.

Thrill Seeker Car Guy

Thrill seeker car guy owns a four-wheel drive and isn’t afraid to take it off road. Whether they are jumping old school Ford Broncos off dirt mounds or taking their Outbacks through dry river beds, they like to have fun in their rides.


BMW guy is just as pretentious as exotic car guy, except he is convinced that BMWs are the greatest cars on earth. BMW guy is sophisticated enough that he refuses to do juvenile burnouts in his BMW, but immature enough that he still reads GQ magazine.

Volkswagen Van Guy

Volkswagen Van guy is either a hippie or a wannabe hippie.

Regardless of the type of car guy you are, call Clear Vision Auto Glass for your windshield repair needs.