Spring is just around the corner and before you know it, you will be taking long road trips with the kids. You know, driving a few hundred miles to visit parents, grandparents and other family members. And don’t forget that you promised the family a trip to the beach this summer, the one that takes seven hours to get there, longer if there are traffic issues.

And if you have ever tackled a long drive with children, you know just how difficult that can be. The soundtrack of your road trip sounds a lot like, “Are we there yet?”  and “I have to use the bathroom.” If you aren’t well-prepared, the distractions you come up with off the top of your head will last only a few peaceful minutes.

No need to fret, those summer road trips don’t have to be stressful, not if you know how to keep the kids occupied. Clear Vision Auto Glass, your auto glass service serving New Jersey, offers ways to entertain kids while on a road trip.

Movies and Cartoons

Television screens are everywhere these days. Our cell phones are televisions screens as are out tablets and laptops. If you are taking a road trip, don’t forget to upload movies onto your electronic devices. Better still, just mount a portable DVD player on the back of the driver’s seat and bring along several children’s DVDs.

Showing your children’s favorite movies and cartoons on your road trip will keep them occupied for quite a long time.

Electronic Games

There is a wide range of games you can download to your smartphone, tablet or laptop. There are also a large number of electronic handheld games you can purchase. Sure, you like to limit the time your kids spend playing video games, but the alternative is far worse.

Pack a Treasure Chest

One of the best ways to keep kids occupied on a road trip is by packing a surprise bag. The surprise bag, or treasure chest, is filled with treats and new toys. Take a trip to the dollar store and stock up on items like crayons, Silly Putty, cards, flashlights and other little novelties that will keep your children occupied. Just remember to only give them one item at a time, you want the surprise to last for the entire trip.

Music and Books on CD

A portable CD player, headphones and CDs are a great combination that will keep your children occupied for hours. Even if your children might not be into music yet, we are sure they would listen to all of their favorite audiobooks. They might even doze off and nap while listening to some soothing music or a story.


Next time you are driving out in the middle of nowhere with a great distance to go, you and the kids should break out in song. And while we don’t suggest you sing “99 Bottles of Beer,” there are plenty of kid-friendly tunes you can enjoy.

If you notice a crack in your windshield, have it repaired before your road trip. Call Clear Vision Auto Glass today.