During the heat of summer, the interior of your car can get so hot that it makes driving nearly unbearable. If you are like most people, you have a car with air conditioning to combat the onslaught of heat. But if you don’t have AC for whatever reason, you are desperate for ways to keep cool while driving.

Depending on the temperature outside, the inside of your car can average 10 to 20 degrees hotter. So if it happens to be 90 degrees outside, you could be melting in 110-degree heat while driving down the highway. Clear Vision Glass, your auto glass service in New Jersey, offers a few tips that will help you keep cooler in your car.

Plenty of Cool Drinks

In extremely hot weather, it is critical that you keep yourself well hydrated. So make sure you are drinking plenty of water as you drive to your destination. In order to make you feel cooler, drink cold beverages. Skip the hot coffee and suck down an iced tea, it will keep you cooled down.

Wet Rags

Hanging wet rags over the vents in your car keeps the air that blows through nice and cool. The rags will dry out pretty quickly, so have a passenger in charge of re-wetting the rags as needed. When not in use, wash the rags to keep them from having mold grow on them.

Wet Hair

After you get out of the shower, dry everything off except your hair. As the moisture evaporates from your hair when you drive, your scalp will cool off and bring down your body temperature.

Add Some Ice

A 10-pound block of ice will cool things down in your car. Place the chunk of ice in a plastic container or tray to prevent leaks and open the window for a little air flow and you have created air conditioning.

Another idea is to put ice cubes in a water bottle and set it on the back of your neck. This will keep you nice and cool as you speed down the road. Freezing water bottles works just as well.

Drive at Night

if it is extremely hot outside and you don’t have air conditioning in your vehicle, it makes sense not to drive during the hottest time of the day. Wait and drive in the evenings, night or early morning when temperatures are at their coolest. You can also wait to drive when skies are overcast.

Shady Routes

It might take less time to reach your destination on the freeway, but the scenic route offers a lot of shade. The roads with a lot of shade will be considerably cooler.

Stay Away From Lights

Stick to the freeways and expressways when you can as you avoid frequent stops. Stopping at lights negates the purpose you have your windows open, which is to cool you off. You get plenty of airflow driving down the freeway, unless there is a traffic jam, then everybody is hot.

Stay cool this summer and call Clear Vision Auto Glass for windshield repair.